2011-05-10 11:57 am

(no subject)

I forgot I started setting this up for the Reborn mini-bang last year. Oops.

Anyways, links to my other stuff in case I forget to use this again:

writing journal: second_wings.livejournal.com
This is mostly Reborn fic that's only updated once a year (I haven't been writing much). Original work is f-locked and updated even less often. I'm hoping to fix that.

tumblr: eigwayne.tumblr.com
This is whatever I damn well feel like. Probably complaining about the kink meme and posting pictures and talking to friends.

cosplay.com: eigwayne
American Cosplay Paradise: kouyuucontact
Cosplay accounts. Expect a lot of crossposted pictures.

Youtube: kouyuucontact
I... pretty much never use this, but I want to do song recordings, so this is where they'll go if I ever get around to it. And if I can ever remember my password ^^;;